Mentorship Testimonials

"We were so empowered after our call with you. I can't explain how special + unique of an experience it is to be supported by a mentor who genuinely believes that our big dreams are within reach. Thanks so much for everything, Lisa!"

Mentorship Client, Filmmaker

"Thank you for being the best example and mentor I could ask for. Can't even begin to explain how influential this woman has been for me."

Mentorship Client, Film Director

"We literally all teared up after our call with you yesterday and kept saying that you make us actually feel like our psycho dreams are attainable and are one of the only examples we have. So thank you."

Mentorship Client, Filmmaker

Lisa legit changed my life. She taught me how to negotiate with clients in the selling phase and get contracts signed.

-Taylor G.

Lisa Slagle is a badass. Also one of my all-time favorite people to work with. She treats creatives right.

-Studio CEO

I know if I hit up Lisa for creative consulting, she will share that outside perspective I crave with thoughtful and actionable feedback.

-Abby Cooper

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