Curious about working together?

Reach out! I want to hear from you. I want to meet you and your teams, look at or make great work together, celebrate ideas, and use our time together to truly connect as we imagine worlds that don't exist and figure out how to build them. Or sometimes simply find them.

Fill this out. Ask about a service I offer. Tell me about your projects or dreams of projects. Share your creative questions. It's a big world, but not that big. You never know what's going to happen when you hit send.

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Frequently asked questions

I own a creative agency, so I joke that when you hire "just" me, it's like getting an agency without having to deal with an agency. Ha! I am able to offer mentorship, experience, and strategy that goes far beyond creative direction, but to answer your question:

A creative director is responsible for guiding the vision of a brand, product, or project. This is a critical role for all businesses.

Strategic vision dances with the brand standards, public perception, and relationship to culture, and it's a really complicated job to get right! A good creative director is also in charge of budgets, team management, and rallying people to work toward turning the same vision into tangible realities.

Great creative direction comes from insatiable curiosity, good taste, and a deep understanding of psychology, culture, and sociology. Above average ability to articulate ideas and communicate with everyone involved is also crucial in creative direction.

Yes! I am selective, and interested. I love public speaking, even though I look back at recordings from that year I had bangs and wonder what exactly I was thinking. Reach out with details for speaking rates:

Awesome! For all podcast inquiries- yours or mine, please email since WHEELIE produces my podcast, Outside by Design.

Yes, I'm an expert at packing, planes, and wearing the same outfit three different ways. Ha! I love work travel and consider it to be a really fun part of the job.

I get asked that a lot for some reason. I went to Colorado State University where I got a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography and a Minor in Creative Nonfiction Writing. Though I learned everything I know about business from working in bike shops.

Not often, but yes. Collaboration comes in all forms, and I don't care if you're a brand, agency, or business owner as long as the project seems to align with and make sense for everyone. Reach out: